orthopaedic procedures


Bone infections occur when bacteria enters the bone tissue. This is a serious infection that is commonly caused by traumatic injuries. Infections of the bone, otherwise known as osteomyelitis, usually requires surgery and antibiotic therapy.

Under general anaesthesia, small holes are drilled into the affected bone to drain the infection. In cases where bone tissue has died, surgical debridement is needed to remove the dead bone and the surrounding infected tissue. Bone grafting is then needed to restore blood flow to the bone tissue and allow new bone to grow. After bone grafting, internal or external fixation is needed to stabilise the bone as it heals and prevent malunion.

After surgery, intravenous antibiotics may still be needed to manage the infection. Dr Pienaar will discuss your recovery and rehabilitation with you on an individual basis as this may vary depending on the severity of the infection and the surgery needed.