Limb reconstruction and deformity correction are done for various deformities that affect the limbs, including limb length discrepancies, knock knees, bow legs and sometimes even bone infections, tumours and traumatic injuries. Surgery is thus done to relieve any pain caused, enhance functioning and prevent future complications and mobility restraints.

Limb reconstruction and deformity correction surgery may differ depending on the type of deformity at hand but generally requires an osteotomy. An osteotomy involves the cutting of the bones in the limb and the manipulation of the bones to correct the issue. Once the bones have been cut, internal or external fixation devices are then used to realign or lengthen the limb and ensure the bone fuses in the correct position. In some cases, a tendon or ligament repair and arthroplasty are also needed.

The recovery process will vary depending on the type of deformity and the method used for treatment, so Dr Pienaar will need to discuss with you individually.